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Open Access Audiobooks
Bücher machen · 13. November 2023
Nun auch in unserem Programm. Eigentlich schon seit dem Frühjahr, nur haben wir das hier im Verlag heute erst gemerkt. | Weidenborn Verlag proudly presents our open access ebooks ...

Book fair #fbm23
Bücher lesen Events · 22. Oktober 2023
Today the bookfair in Frankfurt am Main ends, and we are not there? Why? There are other things on our plate. But first of all I want to share with you the comprehensive newsletters, that guided us online and afforded to experience this wonderful bookfair long distance.

Our first book in English
Bücher machen · 26. Mai 2023
The team of Weidenborn Verlag proudly presents our first book in English. Welcome to ...